Thursday, June 3, 2010

Long lasting experiment

This one even though started with tears and great anger and, and oh that was just such a miserable day of cutting and stitching accompanied by huge waste of fabric. Great fabric, I must say! I love this grey tone, texture and thickness!
Anyway, after usual great disaster, that by the way always happens because I am trying too hard... I managed to relax. Of course thanks to Paolo :)
so, after that I just wrapped myself with something in a shape of square, cut a hole for a hand, stitched some kind of opening for my head and other hand... put two buttons, did a button hole and there we go! I really adore this piece till now! It is just perfect, if you have a belly or not if it is small or big it just works :) Lovely! From now on I knew - never try too hard, after all I am not a fashion designer!
( and well I tried couple more times later on really hard and failed with great explosion of emotions...sometimes it is a matter of fabric that is simply too difficult for a begginer and sometimes it is just my imagination that would like to do so much...when my skills are not ready yet)

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