Thursday, June 17, 2010


yesterday we had a day off in hk, sad to say I didn't care much to check why... :) I was just so happy to have it you cant imagine! and tomorrow is Friday already! ah
anyway, I had some white fabric I decided to stitch it and possibly do a simple top. I must admit it was not easy, no tears this time but Louis de Funes face for sure! Why? answer is pretty simple, I was not that much in love with a join line between to pieces I managed to put together since it was just in the middle of my belly! Looked so stupid, so to say...
I was trying and trying some options...cutting and stitching and what follows that loosing fabric in every attempt! And then brilliant help arrived :) I add more lines, some random stitches and folds on belly and here we go, not that bad at all ;)
thank you Paolo! thank you thank you for the idea how to simply remove attention from one middle line :)

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